Thursday, June 7, 2012

Confession time: I didn't make it every day to TDM however 18 sessions were done in May! But I used the video when I couldn't be present in class. (A bit disappointed in myself for not being consistent as I intended to at the start of May~)

But so many cool things transpired ....The Dailey Method experience was soo good.

I loved the exercise-but this is super challenging (the position that was super frustrating... picture me back against a wall, legs up toward the ceiling & you are supposed to be as close to your legs as possible however that  middle tire was in the way!), the environment is clean and super sparse and the instructors all are unique in their approach and their interaction -making it fun of course but certainly great coaching to get the most out of the experience.

It works for me on so many levels, the ease on my joints. the effect of definition for muscles that revealed quickly during the process. Seriously my arms are looking pretty darn good for such a short time. I did however gain weight during the process....and that is frustrating despite knowing you are trading muscles for fat. Its psychological for me ...if I am working out this hard shouldn't the scale support me in a favorable way?? I work out I gain weight...don't like it at all. However there is a ray of sunshine that came thru this & it all comes down to eating and eating clean as Colleen, co-owner of TDM Wheaton shared with me.

The real cool thing is I also met this beauty in class, and when I heard others mention she was the "Juice" girl, I approached her to ask more about what she did as I was going to do a 3 day juice cleanse during May while doing the TDM.

As it turned out, life leads you on such a cool winding road, meeting Lisa from Holistic Nutrition (check her out here: is a great part of my journey to wellness. Lisa is a guru when it comes to nutrition. A Game Changer, A Fire Starter (totally borrowing that from Danielle LaPorte!).  Plus she is totally gorgeous whats not to love about this girl?

I was not able to do the 3 day detox juice until the week of June 4th but the process was amazing. Having the extra time actually allowed me to start to prepare in May for the juice detox by weaning my 2 cups of coffee every morning. So I started by cutting the mix doing a half decaf and half regular mix. I had heard cutting coffee cold turkey could be a challenge..oh jeez I sound like a junkie.

Detox, cant imagine what I was in for. Could I go the 3 days without coffee?? And Chocolate? I mean I love both of them & consider them the daily ritual that makes my life what it is! ha

But the program works like this, Level One Cleanse which is what I started with is mostly fruit & vegetables juiced, lots of water and green tea as you would imagine to sort of re-set your body, a special smoothie designed daily for your detox, one day builds upon the other...detoxing the overworked organs such as digestive system, liver & kidneys. and a big green salad in the evening dressed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Lemon or apple cider vinegar (i did both), Sea Salt & Pepper. I grilled some asparagus, steamed broccoli & had a variety of mixed greens from arugula to baby spinach. YUMMY. I loved that it wasn't totally all liquid, the salad helped me feel like this was something I could do and still be able to sit to an evening meal with my family.

After 3 days, I was down 6.5 pounds. Success! If I could do a back flip I would. Because the scale was not budging with anything I was doing previously. I liked doing it during the early part of the week also, weekends can be so crazy that having that slower pace was a great time to implement a 3 day detox cleanse.

Clean eating what a concept! So this 3 days has been trans-formative, I want to continue eating in this manner, and feeling this good. I was surprised by the overall clarity in thought, awareness about emotions, being in touch & feeling connected, grounded. Plus a flatter stomach and clear bright skin are just the icing on the cake :-)

And I am pretty sure I won't be drinking coffee. Now I am off to find a juicer to press my food daily!

Here's to your good health!

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