Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wednesday's Woman: Fashion Influencer Maureen Landry

Maureen Landry: Fashion & Design Influencer

Maureen Landry, left & I

Maureen Landry is a dear, dear friend (adore!) and one of the most amazing stylist in fashion and home design. She has worked on my home & the room is still one of my favorite in my house.  And everything about her recently designed condo was the perfect pied de terre! I will be featuring that home which recently sold on another segment so watch for it!

Mo, in the 23 years that I have known you, you've always had the most amazing style both in your homes and fashion sense. With such an amazing eye! I have always felt so relaxed in your home & charmed by the order, there is no chaos! And when I think of your style of putting together an outfit, I never think "trendy" although you are always on pointe! You have a great mix of classic with a nod to trendy but never outrageous and always so appropriate.
BC: How would you describe your style?  
ML: I'd describe it as euro chic with a bit of an edge
BC: Who influenced you growing up?
ML: Both of my grandmothers influenced my personal style. One wore skirts, heels, twin- sets and pearls every day.  My sister and I would play in her closet when we were little. Some of my fondest memories are of us trying on her shoes, clothes and jewelry. She was part of that era when women dressed up before they left the house.  I still remember the matching handbags and shoes!                     
My other grandmother was European. Her clothes were tailored and feminine.  I admired her effortless style. She always smelled so nice (I wish I knew the name of her perfume). Their influences are evident when you look in my closet.  It’s filled with classic pieces; pencil skirts, cashmere sweaters, tailored jackets, silk blouses and ladylike accessories. I keep things neutral and simple so everything is interchangeable.  
BC: How do you select an outfit? It is based on where you are going? 
ML: I base it on how I feel. You know I love being organized so I set up my closet to look like a boutique.  It makes it easy to pick out an outfit.  I always have a silhouette in mind and dress for my body type.  You remove anxiety and chaos if you always have 2-3 core outfits that you can count on in a pinch. I have a go-to sheath for special occasions, skinny jeans and a silk blouse for going out and comfortable leggings and cashmere for travel.  It's like creating a tool kit. It helps me achieve a sense of confidence and comfort when I don't have to stress about what to wear.  
BC: How you want to feel (i.e., classic, sexy, confident, laid back etc) or an image you want to portray?  
ML: I like to look polished.  I think you naturally feel sexy and confident once you've defined your style. It's something you have in your head when you’re deciding how to put everything together.  
You don't second guess yourself because you know what works. 
BC: Do you cover-up one feature for highlighting another? (ex: you wouldn't have a low cut blouse and a short skirt?). 
ML: I dress for my body type so I gravitate toward clothes that create a definition for my boyish figure. I look for simple,  tailored clothing and for pieces that won't exaggerate my broad shoulders. 
BC: What types of accessories are important to you? I love Designer accessories.  As you know, I'm crazy for shoes!! 
ML: I'm drawn to ladylike pumps (Manolo's, Gucci). I go for bold/chunky jewelry (Eddie Borgo) and large handbags.  I’ll spend money on quality accessories, but I'll pair them with inexpensive pieces.
 BC: Do you prefer to invest in quality pieces or quantity?  
ML: I go for quality.  I've found that I'm always looking for ways to edit/curate the perfect wardrobe. I go through my closet 2 times a year so I can keep it simple.  I get anxiety when I have too many choices.  
BC: What items do you save on?  
ML: I save on jeans, t-shirts and a couple of trendy pieces for a new season. I love shopping at Zara for tops and dresses.
BC: What is your must have list for fall?
BC: What is your favorite tee: ML: J Crew t-shirts are my favorite.  They are so soft!
BC: Favorite Jean: ML: j brand
BC: Favorite watch:  ML: Cartier
BC: Favorite sunglasses: ML: Classic Ray Bans or my big Chanel tortoiseshell frames
BC: Favorite boots: ML: Gucci
BC: Favorite coat: ML: Dolce & Gabanna (amazing tailors)
BC: Favorite bag: ML: Hermes- Birkin...I don't own it yet 
BC: Maureen, Thank you so much for sharing secrets to you style and I am looking forward to featuring your home on the Beauty Curators blog very soon! IL&G