Monday, August 20, 2012

Geneva featuring The Herrington Spa

Being in the spa industry for 20+ years doesn't really make me relax any quicker than anyone else when it comes time for my own treatments. I love facials and I love massages in the hands of a skilled therapist but as we rush from our busy lives into the quite sanctuary of a spa it still takes a bit of time to de-compress from your day.

Its one of the reasons that spas frequently tell you to come in 15-30 minutes before your appointment time allowing for adequate time to change, relax in the spa waiting area or simply take a steam before your treatment - that is one of my favorite ways to start off a treatment. The heat warms my muscles which tend to be very tense...on the other hand maybe its not muscle that I have but that is a post for another time ( a feature on cellulite!)

The Herrington Hotel in Geneva, IL is a delightful get away with lovely rooms that have amazing bathrooms. One of the coolest options is to have the in room bath service. A spa technician will deliver a basket and draw your bath- they have several options from Herrington Plunge which is a detoxifying bath and a mud mask to help relax your sore muscles & facilitate the elimination of metabolic waste while the bath salts are added to balance, energize or calm you down. Follow your soak after with a nourishing body lotion will moisturize and hydrate your skin. (technician drawn baths start at $25).

Its a charming option that you don't find at many resorts.

I had the great pleasure of meeting the spa director Laura Lambert who recommended the Herrington Massage ~ this massage is crafted with a built in time for diffusing the chaos and noise that we come to the spa to quiet our minds from! Brilliant! begins in a treatment room with their signature table that has a built in foot bath. So my feet were soaked in an aromatic bath & then I received an amazing sea salt foot scrub that covered  my feet all the way to my knees from massage therapist Jeni.

I thought this was the perfect treatment to extend your pedicure in the summer. Summer months truly require a pedicure every 2 weeks because we are constantly exposing our feet! (This foot ritual exfoliates dry skin from being barefoot or wearing sandals.) I love my feet rubbed and my scalp massaged so Laura's recommendation was spot on!

After the foot ritual, you step off the table and they prepare the table for your massage. A full body massage with warm towels to sooth and warm the tissue follows. It was just what I needed. I loved the foot ritual because it helped me begin the relaxation process, so when it came time for the massage I could truly check out and sleep! (if  a therapist can rock you to sleep they are worth their weight in GOLD!)

The Herrington Spa is super cozy and its a perfect getaway even if you live in town! A good portion of the customers are couples especially on the weekends, when folks come out from the surrounding area for a wonderful time for exploring shopping and dining in Geneva.

You can reach Laura at the spa by calling 630.444.8424, the spa is located at the Herrington Inn and Spa, 15 South River Lane in beautiful downtown Geneva, IL.

More postings on places to shop and eat in Geneva coming soon!