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Wednesday's Woman Jana Jane Hexter

What an exciting opportunity to interview Jana Jane Hexter, an accomplished grant writing consultant who worked in Political Science (remembering back to when I graduated from HS this was the field to go into!) with a degree from Cornell University -she has raised over $32M and wrote an acclaimed book on the topic!

But what I find fascinating is she is a natural intuitive with the capacity to see, hear, feel and know information from beyond the physical realm, including communicating with those that have died. She know shares this gift with others by providing intuitive guidance at

Jana Jane Hexter, The Jana Channel

I recently had a session with Jana and the outcome was mind blowing and I was so grateful to have the experience. I learned something that came from our session that was very important and yet went into this session not having any expectations, in fact the most mind blowing part about it was something I wasn't expecting to get out of it. I was focused on something entirely different yet this was so important I realized I got exactly what I needed! So cool. I just had to share more about Jana with all of you.

BC: Jana, Please share with our reading audience what you do for a living and how your journey evolved over the years to lead you to your current endeavor of the Jana Channel?

Jana: I use my intuitive gifts to help people who are at a crossroads in life find their new path with grace and ease. I particularly enjoy working with accomplished, intellectually curious, and spiritually aware people who are committed to exploring the deeper questions, relishing life, and giving back to the world. I also can help people connect with those who have passed on.

As you mentioned in your introduction, I have a very traditional background. Grant writing is logical, analytical and objective. So, it’s not exactly, the life path of someone you would expect tell you at a dinner party that they could speak to your dead mother.

When people ask me how I started doing intuitive work, I usually quip that I was dragged into it kicking and screaming! My belief system simply didn’t accommodate the after-life, guides, angels and universal life force or Spirit.

But I had series of extraordinary experiences that demanded that I reevaluate the nature of life and existence and my purpose on the planet in this life. I realized that I have been a channel or bridge between realms all my life – in fact, if you look at my first career I was also a bridge between the funders and the nonprofits and aiding in the transition of their agencies.  And as Brit living in the U.S., I often act as a bridge between those cultures for people. I am now clear that I came here to help people through transition at a time of global transition and be a channel for the Divine Feminine when called to do so. While a decade ago I would never in a million years have thought that I would say these things publicly, it gives me a deep sense of peace to be helping people by openly sharing my sacred gift and living a life aligned with my soul’s purpose.

BC: What is an intuitive?

Jana: There is a consciousness that connects us all that transcends language, time, and physicality. It contains a vast amount of information and intelligence. We all tap into it at some point in our lives – like those moments of crisis when we act in split seconds and later wonder how we knew what to do. In those moments we are tapping into the collective universal consciousness that is not boundered by time and place as we are in the physical world.

We can all access this realm but for generations western society has dismissed and derided it as irrational, unscientific, and untrustworthy. In fact, it is an incredibly useful source of guidance for our lives.

I believe it is time for us to develop the concept of intuitive intelligence. Let me explain. When I was young, intelligence simply meant being book smart, and if you didn’t test well then you were stupid. Then in the 80’s and 90’s we embraced the concept of multiple intelligences including emotional and artistic intelligence. I believe that it is time to acknowledge intuitive intelligence, or the ability to connect with the non-physical realm, and help people to develop this aspect of their being.

I simply have an excellent capacity to tap into this realm and in doing so can help people heal blocks, access information for themselves, and live a more fulfilled life aligned with their soul’s journey.

BC: What typically do you help others with? Why do they seek your services?

People come to me for a lot of reasons. They might be in a major life transition such as end of a relationship, career change, health challenge, or retirement and look for guidance about the best way to proceed.  Some people feel stuck or have a general sense of unease and want to move forward but aren’t sure what’s in their way. Others are open to the ethereal realms and come to me to help them access information that is useful to them in living a deeply fulfilling, aligned life or more fully develop their own capacity to do that themselves.

Each and every session is absolutely unique and I never know what will unfold. I have the ability to connect people with their higher selves, guides, angels, recall and heal past life issues that are blocking them in this life, connect them with departed friends and relatives, see the gift they came here to share in this lifetime and also connect with the higher spiritual dimension. I simply work with my clients to define a clear question and then open it up to Spirit to provide exactly what is needed for this person at this time.

As a result of a session with me people often experience

  • Clarity about their direction and the best next step - and the ability to start on a new life path or career with ease knowing that it's right for them.
  • Closure and setting their heart at ease about the death of loved one and their manner of passing.
  • Learning to access, develop, and use their intuition.
  • The comfort of being seen at the deepest level - getting present to parts of yourself they'd forgotten, ignored, or invalidated.
  • Knowing their life’s purpose and what they have to offer the world - stop wasting time on things that don't fit.
  • Validation of their own intuitive feelings so that they trust themselves and create a meaningful life path with confidence.
  • A visceral experience of unconditional love, self-acceptance and wholeness that is tangible and real in their life.

My work runs very deep and acts at a spiritual or cellular level and as such, takes months to unfold in someone’s life. Many people have told me that is has been a life-changing experience. One person said that the session brought all the strands of her live together and made a lot things make sense for the first time. I believe that our birthright is the deep fulfillment and joy of living authentically from our heart and freely sharing our innate gifts with the world and I am committed to helping people achieve that so that we all honor the sacredness of every being on the planet.

BC: Have you ever had a situation where you needed to guide someone away from something?

Not really. Sometimes people ask whether option A or B might be better for them and Spirit will respond that one option is preferable or that the question is moot for some reason and explain how to think about the situation in a way that is more aligned with the spiritual dimension.

BC: How do people react when you tell them what you do at cocktail parties?

Jana: Surprisingly positively.  I was raised in a family of skeptics so I assumed that most people would think that I’m nuts if I told them about what I do and my experiences. But I have found that most people are interested. Many people have had an experience of their own that is out of the bounds of contemporary thinking and often share these with me. Popular TV shows such as Medium, and Ghost Whisperer are shifting  our cultural openness  to incorporate an understanding and acceptance of the ethereal realms and most people are more open than you might expect.

BC: Do you have suggestions for people in terms of developing their own intuition? I can remember a few times in my life that I was being guided and decided not to follow my intuition. BIG MISTAKE!

Jana: Yes. One of the most valuable things is to take time to meditate, or in prayer if that is your belief system. I have meditated for an hour a day for more than 8 years now and I can attest to the benefits in my life. We live in a frantic, noisy world that leaves us disconnected from our body’s messages, natural rhythms, and innate intuitiveness. Calming the mind and coming back to center is not only fulfilling, it is also purifying and clarifying.

And meditation doesn’t have to be our traditional conception of it. Arjuna Ardagh wrote a great blog post last year pointing out that,

Silent meditation, like Vipassana or Zazen, were developed in old traditions by men for men. When a man sits still for a long time with his spine straight, his testosterone reserves are rebuilt in his body, causing stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol to reduce and he has the experience of coming home to himself.

For the feminine heart, the whole process is completely different. Women have about one thirtieth of the testosterone in their bloodstream than men do, and they alleviate stress through the release of oxytocin, which also balances the stress hormones. So while a man might really benefit from the practice of Qigong or silent meditation, a woman might get much more benefit from dance, from moving into her feelings, or spending nurturing time with her close women friends.”

My own experience is that time deeply connecting with nature, dancing, sacred sex, or being in sacred circle with women calms and centers me like little else. 

The second thing that people can do to develop their own intuition is simply to be open to the concept that it is a very real, powerful, and useful aspect of their being. We are conditioned by religions, governments, schools systems etc. to put more weight on external authorities rather than our own inner knowing – our internal sovereignty. To listen to those gut reactions, that little voice in your head telling you to move forward or stop, or simply ‘knowing’ that something is right for us without proof or evidence is powerful if we do not deny it. We are receiving intuitive guidance all the time and yet we are conditioned to dismiss it rather than act in alignment with it.

Almost everyone can name a time when they knew that something was right or wrong for them but they didn’t listen to themselves because the other option made logical sense or fit a cultural norm and then it played out badly. We usually regret those moments and live wondering ‘what if?’

There is a deep sense of peacefulness that comes from trusting your heart’s intuitive intelligence regardless of how crazy it might seem to the rational mind or societal expectations and not having any more ‘what ifs?

When you align your actions with your own inner guidance, even if things don’t work out the way you envisioned, they often unfold in such a way that you are left with an expanded view of yourself or the universe that feels true and real.

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