Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Two Days in Geneva

I wanted to do a feature on this adorable town that is outside Chicago, it has a laid back vibe but offers many options to spend the weekend with someone you love or an outing with girlfriends. I will feature multiple stops you simply must hit if you had 48 hours in Geneva, Il.

What a coup to have the opportunity to interview one of my favorite Beauty experts~ Bridget Lescher, the owner of Odalisque, A Beauty Apothecary. She is the best stylist for your face, crafting a unique & totally wearable makeup where you feel you look your personal best! I never feel like I have make up on when she does my makeup. I love that she can give me fresh ideas, see me in a new light ....I mean how many of you have the same lipstick, gloss etc in the same shades from different brands?????? Hello I buy the same and I just need her to help me off the edge some days!

I am a huge believer that your face is your best accessory and its perfectly appropriate to get seasonal tweaks and updates to ensure you are wearing a fresh modern look that reflects your personal style. Bridget has the ability to do just that.

Odalisque has a modern,  luxe, bohemian feel and the store has just relocated down the block to a new address on 3rd Street. (101 s Third Street, Geneva, Il)

One of the reasons I love visiting Odalisque is you feel at home immediately, the warm welcome is genuine and you sense the love dispensed to each patron! They stock unique and fine fragrances that you don't see everywhere. I have so many great beauty products that I will share my personal favorites.................. the Lafco candle in Fois de Bois aroma, its smokey and sexy, makes a great hostess gift. I love Atelier Cologne and cant seem to get enough. Santa Maria Novella is an 800 year old beauty brand made in a Dominican monastery in Florence, Italy.  These are truly "affordable luxuries". And I can't get enough of the Spumadi Champagne Bubble Bath. The aroma is amazing, light and tons of bubbles~

As an esthetician, one of my favorite skincare brands is a staple at Odalisque with a cult like following, Dr Hauschka-I love it because of the science of herbs used in this line. Our skin is the largest organ we have and we assault it with chemicals over and over, its best for your health to use something that is so well suited to be on your skin. Dr Hauschka has a beautiful collection bath and body oils that are a must. I will dry brush, then use the oils on my skin & then slip into the tub for a truly remarkable beauty spa experience at home. The oils seal the skin and the heat of the bath water increases circulation and activation of the oils.

Here is a photo of the adorable Chelsey and Bridget (on the right) at the new home of Odalisque.

Q1. Who inspires you today with their personal beauty style?

A. Aerin Lauder (AL has a new venture coming out - she is an amazing taste maker), Ali MacGraw, Lauren Hutton, Robin Wright Penn, Charlotte Gainsbourg. Truly retrospective beauty with a natural image.

Q2. What trends do you like for summer?
A. The lack of liner, yet, lots of lash.... mimicking a time of innocence often seen on young children. The return of lipstick as we move away from gloss.

Q3. What do you see for fall, since its right around the corner?
A. Clear, open unencumbered eye - colorful lips, concealer -fresh classic and carefree look.

Q4. Is there one thing you could recommend to my readers that would update their look?
A. Brows - not quite overly groomed & precise. A full brow is spot on.

Q5. How would you describe Odalisque?
A. A great escape, bring love into the experience of beauty. I want people who visit to have a sense of adventure while shopping. We strive to bring unique offerings, a well edited collection of beauty and fragrance that is close to home.

Some of the specialty line of exotic high quality fragrance include So Oud, Odalisque is one of 5 retailers in the US to carry this line. This line is an exotic middle eastern influence in fragrance that is unlike anything I have ever experienced.

A great collection of Eye Bobs are also available - amongst other great candles, beauty treats that make excellent gifts and hostess presents.

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Chelsey has an amazing approach to beauty, its been fun watching her expand her skills under Bridget's tutelage. I love her fresh perscpective to the application of makeup!  I so want to book a lesson for me a my 13 year old niece when the time comes with Bridget and Chelsey~ it will be my gift to her when she starts high school next year!

You can find your way to Odalisque here www.shopodalisque.com

101 S. Third Street
Geneva, Il

I will feature the Herrington Spa, & a lots more in the next few installments of the blog. Stay tuned!

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