Sunday, January 19, 2014

The impact of a smile from a stranger

Today, I was at a light, waiting in traffic, as I looked over to the car on my right, the driver also looked over at the same time, our eyes met and that individual offered a genuine smile. Just an acknowledgment of contact - this person was about late teens or early 20s and it was just a sweet gesture. I thought as I continued on my drive the power of someone's smile - it was an acknowledgment of I see you and send you a warm greeting.

That  person probably didn't think anything else of it, yet it seems so rare today that people look you in the eye and say hello or offer a smile.

It certainly impacted my day. I know I have often passed people made eye contact while walking in the city, and either offered a smile or said hello without the person responding. perhaps they thought I was odd but I miss the simple pleasantries that make our day to day lives that much more enjoyable. Everyone seems to be rushing constantly caught up in their own thoughts or heads. Maybe we have become a bit jaded with all the madness we hear about in the news & people are more fearful of someone just saying hello.

I appreciated that small gesture and silently said a prayerful wish of peace to that person. I will pay it forward.

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