Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fresh Starts!

2014...easing gently to the new year, I have spent the week reflecting over 2013 and the great twists and turns of life. Lots of great things happened. But what still is most present in our lives as we are reflecting this past year but we have this big hole in our house......We lost our faithful companion Katie, who has been by my side the past couple of years, she was the sweetest dog ever. The boys have broken hearts and if I had to guess I think Joel is having the hardest adjustment, he loved all the attention Katie showered him with! A man and his dog. The kids equally are missing the girl, you would think it would be easier, its been 5 months but still she left a big gaping hole in our hearts. my dear friend, Mo Landry took this picture of her and sent it to me the week she died, it was so cute to see her in this position, she always had her legs crossed! Sigh...

We have to carry on right?

Looking forward, I'm so grateful we can "re-set" with the new year. My list seems endless. I really want to carry this joy and excitement for the year; I am challenging myself to harness the enthusiasm I have at the start of this year with me thru out the entire year. My plan is to look at each day as opportunities but also the first of each month as a "re-set". Really question myself .......

                 What did I do the month prior that would lead me to achieving these goals?:

Here's short list of 2014...the ones you don't mind publishing publicly :-)

1) Thirst to learn more: online classes? Study and brush up on French via CD's (sounds so old school doesn't it) while driving, read a couple of fun books something at is not a how to improve something but that I can lose myself in the pages...suggestions welcomed!!

2) Be Organized! From closets to junk drawers I have this on my list every year and this time of the year we go thru closets to see what we are no longer using to donate to the PADS shelter I volunteer at serving food. The boys usually have a good amount of things they are no longer wearing and it's a perfect opportunity to use the new things received at Christmas to give to someone else in need.

3) Continue to expand the blog readership and editorial writing calendar (the I am putting it out there!) feel free to share with your circle of influence ;-)
  4) Travel to Europe!! Summer vacation sounds so divine right now as I look out the window and see the snow coming down, yes it looks beautiful but we are expecting the most incredible winter storm that I am seriously wishing for warm weather in the Mediterranean. 

5) Of course the list ALWAYS includes a regimen adjustment for health...more shapes to the muscle, less weight etc. I feel like this on my list every year for the past 21 years is the definition of insanity. You know what you do over and over and expect a different outcome...I must make peace with the situation.

6) Lastly, I want more fun, laughter & joy each day!

I am wishing each of you the good fortune of health-its everything, having friends you cherish and family that surrounds you with good support and energy. That you have meaningful work & more joy each and every day.

Cheers to the best year!

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