Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Dailey Method My 30 Day Challenge

I am determined to heal my body. And last week I crafted my plan!

Self talk included....Just 30 days to do this and lets see what happens. (I heard once the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome...something I have been doing in the past!)

I made a pact with myself...I would see what taking one class a day at The Daily Method for 30 days would do for me.

Knowing I have to rehabilitate my body & I have been dealing with a host of issues stemming from a head on collision in 2008.

The method is based on rehabilitating your structure and I am hoping I can do one class per day for 30 days & write about the transformation. I will also cut out bread, I will have a 3 day cleanse during this month mid way~

I went to the first class of the month today, its challenging, you are re-wiring your body! Kelly Ripa physique is what I am working towards ;-)

Here is Day 1:

With TDM you feel as tho you are shrink wrapping your muscles around your bones, they feel smaller and tighter!

I like it and guess what..... I have a long way to go because its not easy.

Thankfully the instructors are interested in teaching you proper form and give cues and support regularly...no I don't think they are picking on me~

You do elevate your heart rate a bit however its really about re designing a lean structure, can't wait to see what the other side of 30 classes look like!

My local studio is offering Mixed class level which goes quick and its intense. The other option is a class known as Principles, which emphasizes  more instructional class form is what I will commit too for the next couple of weeks until I build more strength in my legs and core.

You can find a great deal here: http://www.thedaileymethod.com/wheaton.html

 .......Keep you posted on next steps!

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