Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beauty Junkies Wanted

Greetings! So excited to share with you our love of all things beautiful be it products, style, food, travel excursions ...our interests in beauty & fashion stems from very early memories...I remember my first pair of heels, I was 5 and they were completely clear, Lucite heels & crystals on the vamp well I never looked back after, lipstick, fragrance ..........what was your first memory of fabulousness?

We look forward to hearing from you on what you do or use in your personal daily routine that makes you look & feel beautiful.

Something to share......Recently while in Soho, I stumbled upon an adorable fragrance shoppe with a fine education about the brand Atelier Cologne I couldnt resist the purchase of this amazing fragrance, Trefle Pur...with neroli, moss patchouli and smells fresh and green, so uplifitng.

(I also bought the amazing Neroli Grand soap, it smells like sunshine... so lush)..Aetiler Cologne features the very cool & educational  Ross Barry, General Manager, shown here providing me with quite an education in Aetiler Cologne's aroma! Everything down to the vessel the fragrance is in is truly an amazing work of art. Love it!

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