Friday, June 17, 2016

The American Dream: Mirakle Cream

The American Dream Better: Skin Mirakle Cream.

I love a great American Dream. When an industry colleague sent me this product to try, I was immediately smitten. I loved the package right away, this little jar comes in this adorable drawstring bag with a beautiful color print to match the label on the jar, so vibrant!

Then I started using it, I first tried it on my hands, (which were bitten by my new puppy, Remy  she's teething) it was lovely, melted into the skin, hydrated my little bite marks, reduced the inflammation and redness. 

Then I tried it on my sons, they always complain of dry skin despite having a bit of combination T zone issues. 

In the winter their skin just doesn't feel comfortable. When the kids were little I could have used this cream, it would have been great on Dane's red irritated cheeks. It's healing and very comforting. I decided that night that I would forgo my expensive creams and serums, and try this little Mirakle Cream. What I found was it was divine. It kept my skin moisturized and soothed, all night. 

I wound up with my skin protected from TEWL (trans epidermal water loss) -especially in winter when the heat is on in Chicago and the air outside is cold, we lose so much water evaporating from our skin. The drier the skin the more sensitive it is, so you see the vicious cycle that so many people complain about their skin being uncomfortable in winter.

This is great product, at a great price with huge

I love the story, esthetician moves from her native country to the US to pursue the American Dream, she brings with her amongst her prize possessions her recipe for a skin cream she made for her clients in her native homeland - The Republic of Uzbekistan, meets an industry beauty veteran and as they say the rest is history!

It reminds me of how many a great beauty companies started with a vision & a prized cream: Estee Lauder-Super Rich All Purpose Cream, Elizabeth Arden - Eight Hour Creme, Mary Kay started by opening a store front with just 5 products.

Here is a link to the product and learning more about the ingredients and story of the founders!

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