Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Break

Friends, so sorry I have been late in posting!

Life has been so busy ....a great loss... of the patriarch of my husbands family, Grandpa Kjeldsen passed on 2.21.15 at 96 years old. Such a loss but a vibrant life and well lived one at that. Here he is at Christmas 2014 with his some of his youngest great-grandchildren. He had a sharp memory right up until the end, a successful career, and he was totally self made. Took up flying at 42, loved the outdoors, traveled well, played golf, enjoyed hunting, fishing and boating. Held his family deep in his heart, and a handful of friends that he kept. Their crowd was super cool, sadly out of a group of 12 couples, only 2 of those remain today.

This year is also my son's senior year in college, so lots of exciting things happening. The bookends of college! for those of you that may be starting college or your children going to be freshman this fall, you have lots of emotions going on.... from graduating HS to moving into the first steps as a young adult going away to college.

Then, what seems like a flash ....you're (or in my case my child!) planning college graduation and life as a young adult. Exciting times indeed.

Needless to say life has prioritized my days of late.

So for now we are trying to be in the moment, for 4 years we planned this spring trip our son affectionately calls the "Sauer Farewell Tour" - he has played D1 baseball for 4 years and like anything great, all things must come to an end. We are following the team around on their spring break. They are playing in Memphis ...and yes we fit in a visit to Graceland to see Elvis ;-)

Today, we are in Starkville, Mississippi and playing Mississippi State University. What a wonderful few days visiting this glorious campus. The school is massive and quite impressive. There is a very strong focus on sports here among academics.

With any road trip or vacation, I don't know about you but I forget something and have to run to the local Target or similar store. I found a Walmart near our hotel to grab some things I needed.

Here is what I found...a lovely black hat (this will help me keep the sun off my face with this wide brim & since my wardrobe has 90% black in it ...naturally this will fit). My polish was chipping and I hate a chipped nail! so I was able to pick up this super portable nail polish remover THESE ARE AWESOME! Equate Beauty line of Nail Polish Remover Pads, every travel bag needs them.

And a quick dry polish in a bright color From Sally Hansen for my toes and fingers to bring some cheerful thoughts of summer...along with Seche Vite, this is a product that is a super quick drying top coat that was originally for professional use only but now available for purchase. It's one of the best on the market. I had the CND Solar Oil in my beauty bag, this is something I try to use daily on my cuticles, it moisturizes, penetrates nail lacquer and helps keep nail beds moisturized + keeps the lacquer looking shiny.

Lastly being in sunshine and 77 degree weather is a far change from the cold & snow I left in Chicago requires some color on my pasty white skin. I found this mousse moisturizing product that builds color over a couple of days. It works! Its easy to apply and while it is not a colored mousse so you can see where you are applying, just make sure you cover all your areas in circular motion and blend in well. A pro tip is to then use a blow dryer to dry it down so you can get dressed quickly.
(+ benefit...You will look better naked with a little color! ha ha)

Cheers to Spring and hoping you have something fun planned for your spring break!

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