Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fresh Cuts for Spring: Featuring Salon Estem-A conversation with Jennie

Since Spring is right around the corner (somewhere!) I wanted to take the opportunity to interview Jennie Klein ~stylist with Salon Estem in Glen Ellyn, Illinois to get her take on some spring trends.

Jennie has just returned from maternity leave having her 2nd beautiful daughter Macie shown below with her adorable older sister Evelin. (love the names!) So she has been working on new looks for her clients. She has a great mix of clients that range from younger moms, working women, and men alike gravitate to her style which is a little edgy for the quaint Chicago suburb.

BC: Jennie, since having your second daughter, I am sure there are lots of changes a new baby brings including less sleep in your house, but since we are talking beauty today, what have you found you are doing to manage your own beauty routine since your new addition? I think a lot of people are in your shoes looking for quick ways to pull themselves together.

JK: Now that I am a mother of two, I find myself rushing around constantly but I still find time to get ready in the morning. Pulling my hair back in a quick twist with pins and taking an extra minute to piece out my bangs to have a little style for my day. Sometimes I pull my hair is a small bun with loose pins, put some makeup on as my hair drys, then hit the bun with a little heat while it's still up to give it a little bend when I take it down. Anything so I look a bit put together.

I think wearing a pony tail can be fashionable if you add a little bit more time to it.

BC: How do we avoid just pulling a pony tail up and throwing on a baseball cap like that is "a look" to run errands in?

JK: Tease it up a bit, curl the tail or piece out the bangs. I think these are some great looks & ideas for people who love their ponytails but want a fresh more sophisticated approach to their hair. Even a simple quick pony tail can look polished by taking a piece of hair under the band and wrapping the hair around the band and pinning underneath to finish.

BC: What about color for spring, are clients moving towards non traditional blonds, reds and brunettes?
JK: Bold color is in for the spring. It can be as drastic as you want to make it, or just a little peek a boo of color to accent some layers.

BC: It seems men's cuts are really taking a focus in fashion, lots of opportunities for guys to take a risk and get out of a traditional look.

JK: Men's cuts are shaping up in the red carpet world. Guys are making striking statements with fun easy styling cuts.

BC: I love the new short haircuts for women, its a bit refreshing to see a lot of cropped cuts and even Beyoncé's shoulder length at the Grammy's was a fun change for women that want to dip their toe into shortening their locks. It was just below the jaw bone and between the top of her shoulders. Are there options for the woman who isn't quite ready to give up her security blanket of long straight hair?

JK: Long layered bobs are back! It's a great way to change it up but keep your length.

and Bangs bangs bangs! It's the best 5 minute face-lift :) draws attention to eyes and cheek bones and creates an uplifting look.

BC: Jennie thanks for taking the time to share these wonderful looks and speak to us about what's in store for hair this season. I think I have found a new haircut in those photos provided ;-)

You can find Jennie at Salon Estem, 630.534.4555

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