Tuesday, April 17, 2012

OK ..My eyes are showing my age, especially when I am tired. Shouldn't be a big surprise to me...but it sort of annoys me. Its the first thing to age on your face. And no matter how young you are, after 20 you are totally dialed into that area...checking it out, any new creases today? As in every time I put on mascara, I'm staring right at that area~Your eyes are the portal to your soul so its in your interest to look your very best, your most gorgeous, right?

Maybe because we blink 10,000 times per day, or squint or smile but this part of your face gets quite a work out. I just discovered a truly unique product that provides advanced technology to combat this delicate area.

I love, love, love so many things about this product, truly I couldn't have done it better if I designed it myself.

This product just launched.....The treatment is activated at the time of use for fresh delivery each time .....So you know its not been sitting around for God knows how long drying out.

Procell, Triple Action Eye Treatment, available exclusively at Mario Tricoci Salons and Day Spas across the Chicagoland area. (www.tricoci.com).

Anyway here's the relevant info you must know........

It works by delivering several key standout ingredients to super drench your skin & reverse the tell tale signs that you have been partying a bit too much (ha! you wish) or staying up late freaking out over your taxes or simply wondering when your child will finally sleep thru the night (Amen)!

Apple Stem Cell Extract wakes up the cells and nudges them to activate (while protecting) dermal skin, and ASCE stimulates vitality, delays aging. (Bring it on!) plus in vivo tests confirmed significant and visible reduction in the depth of lines & wrinkles in 100% of test subjects. The apple stem cell is from a rare variety of Swiss apple called Uttwiler Spatlauber.

Baicalin is a flavanoid from traditional Chinese herbal medicine, a very important anti inflammatory which turns back the biological clock. In truth it helps telomeres, by protecting them, thus preventing premature aging by regulating cell division.

Resveratrol...And no...... guess what you are not drinking enough of it to work from your daily bottle of Pinot Noir, you need this potent effective poly phenol in your treatment products. Its protecting the delicate eye tissue from the environmental influences of the UV rays.

Soon to be my secret weapon on all my flights this summer......and guaranteed I will be sneaking this on (not really contraband mind you!) to every plane ride so I look dewy & fresh upon arrival!

Airplanes dry the hell out of your skin and body....you literally age 5 years on a cross country flight. I can't even think what a trip to Paris does never mind Australia does~

Hello..... have you seen flight attendants lately? If you do offer them one of these packets, I would bet that could get you upgraded to first class!

Pro Tips: Depress the liquid gently from the outside of the packet towards the pillow chamber containing the collagen pads to saturate & activate the collagen.
Then apply to clean skin under the eye and smooth so there is no wrinkling in the collagen pad, I love using a spoon to smooth it out. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. And rest, close the door, put the cell on silence for 15 minutes, you can do it. After remove, lightly apply your eye cream with your ring finger and gently pat around the orbital bone.

When to use:
  • Before a special night (for some of us that could be any night at Gibson's, around 6pm after work)
  • Before your wedding, after your wedding, before your 2nd wedding ....lets just stop there shall we?
  • Before your divorce court appearance
  • Before you go to your high school reunion and see the girl who took your Mr. Universe and made him her own
  • its a mini vacation any time you need it

You get the idea, you want to look great... Procell Triple Action Eye Treatment is your ticket.

$65 for 5 treatments

Exclusively at Mario Tricoci 847.202.1900

P.S. Gentle Reminder:

I'm just saying Mother's Day is right around the corner, you can get a Gift Certificate and a box of Procell for your someone special~

Leave a comment & share why you need this, how it will change your life & one lucky winner will receive a box of Procell~ We will pick a name on Saturday! Good Luck


  1. Ha...have you been hiding in my mirror? This past year, especially this past 8 months has really taken a toll on me physically, mentally and emotionally. Not cool for a stress management practitioner!!! While I can get myself back into balance pretty quickly there are two areas of my life that aren't really doing well...my weight and a bunch of eye wrinkles that totally snuck up on me. I just turned 44 and for the first time nobody tells me how young I look :(

  2. Do I need this... who doesn't? I am 45 and it shows. I did not really think about it too much but when I scolded my daughters High School teacher because i thought she was a student, well yes that was my wake up! My daughter said "Mom she is way old why would you think she goes to school here?" Scary times for us 40ish girls~